411 Club

411 Club

411 CLUB: The luxury of being a VIP gives you the exclusive benefits everyone needs. We always provide a 5 star service but we want to offer our most loyal customers more.

Joining our private VIP club, an annual membership offers you:

Consisting of 411 members it is vital to act quick in order to secure your membership. In the likely event that you do not secure one of the 411 memberships, a sequential waiting list is strictly enforced.

For more information please feel free to call and speak to a member of our team.

*Please note there are terms & conditions which apply to the VIP Club.*

Annual membership: £411.00

What You Get

10% Discount on every order above £500

An exclusive welcome pack

VIP wash bag with personalised gifts

4 Newsletters throughout the year keeping you constantly updated with new stock, offers and events

VIP invitations to our events

VIP Club card